Don’t Go Broke Diet Recipes

Two of the six books in my Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Program are the Don’t Go Broke Healthy Recipe Book and the Don’t Go Broke Guide To Healthy Foods.

The three most important numbers in each recipe, meal, snack, food, or drink are:

  • CAPSCAlories Per Serving
  • COPSCOst Per Serving
  • PROPSPROtein Per Serving

CAPS – Calories Per Serving – You must eat fewer calories than you burn if you want to lose weight. Knowing how many calories are in a serving of the meal or snack you are eating is very important. Ideally, your calories would be less than 400 calories per meal and 200 calories per snack.

COPS – Cost Per Serving – The Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan is all about saving money while you lose weight. Knowing how much your food cost is very important. Ideally, your cost would be less $1.50 per meal and $1.00 per snack.

PROPS – Protein Per Serving – Knowing how much protein is in your food is also very important because proteins:

  • Are the building blocks of the body
  • Boost calories burned during digestion
  • Build muscles
  • Decrease the glycemic index and load of a meal

Ideally, all of your meals and snacks would be at least 20% protein.

When selecting foods, drinks, recipes, meals or snacks, remember to calculate your CAPS, COPS, and PROPS.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

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