The Biggest Loser Couples

I have a love – hate relationship with the television show: The Biggest Loser. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, The Biggest Loser is a competition where obese men and women compete to see who can lose the most weight.

I love watching it because:

  • I love competition – I am also a big fan of The Apprentice.
  • I love seeing people lose weight
  • The show encourages its viewers to lose weight and change their lives

I hate watching it because:

  • The show encourages fast weight loss
  • The show encourages too many hours of exercise

Even though I do not completely agree with the structure of the program, I still watch it. I’m a junkie.

Couples Edition

I just finished watching the season premiere of the latest rendition of the program: The Biggest Loser Couples. Thank goodness for Tivo because two hours with commercials would have been brutal.

Typically in The Biggest Loser, two large teams compete with one another. However in the Biggest Loser Couples, there are ten teams competing. Nine of the ten teams consist of two people who are relatives or best friends. One of the teams has two strangers in it.

The Competition

There were two challenges in this episode. Both were races.

The first race was a race up a steep hill. The winners were able to choose between the two personal trainers: Bob and Jillian.

The second race was a race around a course while pulling a large balloon. This race was unfair. The heavier teams had a weight advantage, so it was easier to pull the balloon.

The winners of the second race were given an extra two pounds to add to their weekly weight loss total. That was great. However, the last place team had two pounds subtracted from their weekly weight. I did not like this. I know it’s a competition, but I would have only subtracted the pounds if the team did not finish.

The Weigh In

In the end, teams were voted off based on how much weight they lost for the week. The team that was sent home was a sixty year old man and his thirty-one year old daughter who lost a total of twenty-six pounds in one week. ONE WEEK!!!!

The woman who was sent home was very distraught because she did not understand why she only lost seven pounds. She was comparing her weight loss to other contestants who lost up to twenty-nine pounds. I know most of the contestants’ weight loss was water weight, but twenty-nine pounds is too much weight to lose in one week.

My Opinion

What I liked:

  • The teams – it’s easier to lose weight with a partner
  • The visit to the hospital – the fear of sickness and death was one of my motivations to lose weight
  • The use of filtered water – bottled water cost too much and is a waste of plastic

What I did not like:

  • The lack of a transition time – not everyone is ready to be thrown into the fire
  • Exercise time – too much time was spent working out
  • Weight loss – they all probably lost water, fat, and muscle.

Another entertaining show, but please don’t try this at home. To lose weight slowly and permanently, purchase my Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan.

Large lifestyle changes lead to fast temporary weight loss. Small lifestyle changes lead to slow permanent weight loss.

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