One Pound Closer Tip #7

September 14, 2017

The One Pound Closer Tip is explained here.

Use Your Camera To Lose Weight

Taking pictures of yourself is an excellent strategy to help you lose and keep off unwanted pounds. The key to using this strategy effectively is knowing:

  • Why you should take pictures of yourself,
  • What type of pictures to take, and
  • Where to put your pictures

Why you should take pictures of yourself

    • To compare yourself now to your “best” self – It is much easier to compare a current picture of yourself to your high school graduation picture, than it is to compare the way you currently look in the mirror to your high school graduation picture. Most people do not realize how much bigger they are, until they see visual proof.


    • To chronicle your weight loss journey – Looking in the mirror, you will not realize the changes in your body because you are losing fractional pounds every day. However, if you take a picture every two weeks or every month, you will see the visual changes in your body. Looking at these pictures will keep you motivated when you are feeling discouraged.


  • To remind yourself of where you are and where you want to go – Looking at pictures of your current self will help you keep your focus when you forget that you are overweight. Look at your pictures before you eat something you are not supposed to, or before you decide to skip a planned workout.

What type of picture should you take

In your picture:

  • You should wear clothing that is as revealing as you feel comfortable
  • You should be in a well lit environment
  • You should write down the date
  • You should write down your weight and/or your body measurements

You should consider having someone else take your pictures because this will make your pictures will look better.

Where to place your picture

Do not take these pictures and keep them stored in your camera. Get them developed. Put them in strategic locations such as:

  • On your refrigerator
  • In your wallet
  • In your cell phone
  • On your desk at your home or job
  • In your day planner
  • Your computer’s screensaver
  • Anywhere you will see them often

Remember that these are the pictures of the current you. So, do not be ashamed of them. The future you will be healthier and thinner.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Beware of Weight Loss Scams

September 14, 2017

The New Year has begun and many of you have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. That is commendable because making a resolution is the first step. However, accomplishing your goals is the hard part.

As you search for a weight loss plan to help you accomplish your goals, you will encounter many people and companies who will claim to have the answers to your weight loss prayers. There is no perfect weight loss method, but one of the plans being marketed to you may actually work for you.

I don’t know anything about you, so I cannot tell you which plan would work best for you. However, I can tell which programs to stay away from. These programs either do not work, or do not work permanently.


Programs to Stay Away From

Bad weight loss programs will:

  • Claim to help you lose weight quickly
  • Claim to help you lose weight easily
  • Guarantee your weight loss
  • Try to convince you that you have to spend a large amount of money to lose weight
  • Try to convince you that you don’t need to eat fewer calories

Quick Weight Loss

Quick weight loss is rarely permanent, because it is very difficult to maintain the habits that helped you lose the weight. Then once you change your habits, you regain the weight.

Large temporary lifestyle changes lead to fast temporary weight loss. Small permanent lifestyle changes lead to slow permanent weight loss.

Easy Weight Loss

Weight loss is simple. All you must do to lose weight is burn more calories than you consume. Simple! Weight loss is a simple concept, but it is not easy to execute. Trying to eliminate bad habits requires hard work.

Weight Loss Guarantees

There is no weight loss program that works for everyone. Only plans trying to mislead you will try to convince you that their plan is guaranteed to work.

Expensive Weight Loss

Having more money can make most tasks easier. That includes losing weight. That is why rich actors and actresses, with their personal chefs, personal trainers, and hours of free time, can lose weight with apparent ease. While having money can make weight loss easier, it is not a necessity. If your resources are limited, you can lose weight with inexpensive weight loss strategies. Check out my Don’t Go Broke Diet.

Eating Fewer Calories

You must create a calorie deficit in order to lose fat. You must consume fewer calories than you burn. There is no other way to permanently lose weight. Do no trust plans that try to convince you that you can eat as much as you like and still lose fat.


That was a list of the main claims used by weight loss scams to market their products or services. Evaluate any plan you are presented with before you start it, because you do not want to waste your money or time on a plan that will not work permanently.

Start losing weight today without breaking the bank using Dr. Kal’s Don’t Go Broke Diet.

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**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Recession Proof Your Health

September 12, 2017

As 2008 comes to a close, America finds itself in a bad situation. We are in a recession and some fear we may soon enter into a depression. And I am not speaking of the kind of depression that requires Prozac. I am speaking of the kind of depression that even has graduate degree holders waiting in bread lines.

In these times, many of you may be in danger of losing your job, your health insurance, or both. Some of you may have already lost them. Now, I am not trying to depress you. There is no need to be sad. Economies move in cycles and America will bounce back. However, things may get worse before they get better.

Become Recession-Proof

If you do not have any money or any health insurance, you cannot afford to get ill. You need to get and stay healthy for as long as you possibly can. How do you do that?

Buy my magic vitamins!!! They are made from exotic African fruits and berries. They prevent and cure all diseases. And you only have to pay 10 payments of $9.99!!!


To recession proof your health, you should:

  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight, and
  • Get your age appropriate screening test done

Stop Smoking

Smoking is still the habit that causes the most preventable diseases in America. Smoking can cause:

  • Many types of Cancer
  • Many type of Lung Diseases and Breathing Problems
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Heart Attacks, and
  • Strokes

These are all diseases that you cannot afford to get, at least not right now. Consider restarting your smoking habit when the economy improves. Joking!

You can find great advice on how to quit smoking permanently at WebMD’s Smoking Cessation Health Center.

Lose Weight

Carrying too much fat is the second leading cause of preventable diseases in America. Being overweight or obese will soon overtake smoking and assume the number one spot as the waist of Americans continue to increase. Excess body fat can cause many diseases including:

  • Many types of Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Attacks, and
  • Strokes

These are all expensive diseases to treat. To lose weight permanently:

Get my Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan,
Read the 4 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss
Read the 4 P’s of Permanent Weight Loss

Get Screened

Prevention is cheaper than cure and early cure is cheaper than late cure. If you do not prevent a disease, your best bet is to have it diagnosed early. By regularly having your age-appropriate screening test performed, you can catch a disease in its early stages. Some diseases you can screen for are:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Colon Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Metabolic Syndrome

Go to your health care provider and ensure that all of your age-appropriate screening tests have been performed. Examples of these test include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Lipid Profile
  • Colonoscopy
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test
  • Clinical Breast Exam
  • Mammogram
  • Pap Test
  • Prostate Specific Antigen Test
  • Digital Rectal Exam
  • Body Mass Index

Ride out this recession/depression with your health intact. Stop smoking, lose weight, and get your age-appropriate screening test done.

Start losing weight today without breaking the bank using Dr. Kal’s Don’t Go Broke Diet.

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**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Don’t Blame Me, It’s the Leptin!

September 10, 2017

Americans are good at explaining our burgeoning waistlines. Those who have lost weight and regained it have a litany of excuses as to why they cannot keep the weight off. Our tried and true excuses are often even backed up in print. Earlier this year the Los Angeles Times ran an article explaining why it is so difficult for people to keep the weight off once they have lost it. The list of familiar reasons included:

  • The human body simply yearns to be at its fatter weight
  • Signals from the internal organs
  • The physical adaptations of the human body
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not eating certain foods
  • Metabolism
  • Appetite hormones
  • There are others we can add to the list:
  • Our time starved lives leave little time to prepare healthy meals or exercise
  • Genetics. Can’t fight genetics right?
  • Your thyroid is not functioning properly

I could go on and on.

The Truth

It is far easier to blame our weight problems on things that we cannot control. However, the real reason that people do not maintain their weight loss is because they are impatient and unrealistic.

You want to lose weight so you begin an extreme diet and/or exercise plan. You may even opt for surgical intervention believing that you have tried and failed “but nothing works.” You follow the program or have the surgery and you lose weight very quickly. Great! It’s working and you are happy.

There is only one problem – you do not maintain the changes that resulted in your weight loss. You lose the pounds and then go back to living the same way you did before the loss. After all, the only goal of a diet or extreme exercise plan is to get you to your goal, right?

You regain all the weight you lost and add a few more pounds. Are you kidding me?

Sadly, far too many people fall prey to this faulty thinking. You cannot expect permanent results from temporary changes.

What You Can Do to Lose the Pounds for Good

To lose weight and keep it off for good:

  • Be patient
  • Set realistic expectation. A weight loss goal of ½ a pound or 1 pound a week is realistic.
  • Focus on lifestyle changes and not temporary fixes. Adopt only those changes that you can maintain for the rest of your LIFE.
  • Plan to cheat occasionally. Are you seriously never going to have another slice of pie on Thanksgiving?
  • Expect to fail occasionally. We are not perfect and failure is part of life.
  • Get help from family and friends. Support can help keep you on track.
  • Understand that it is a lifelong battle. Just as an alcoholic is always in recovery, this is your battle to fight forever.
  • Understand that you can NEVER go back to the way you used to live.

Big temporary lifestyle changes lead to fast temporary weight loss. Conversely, small permanent lifestyle changes lead to slow permanent weight loss. You can stay on the roller coaster or you can choose the permanent solution. It’s up to you.

Start losing weight today without breaking the bank using Dr. Kal’s Don’t Go Broke Diet.

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**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

One Pound Closer Tip

September 8, 2017

One Pound Closer Campaign

The One Pound Closer Campaign is my brainchild. It stems from my belief that people are too ambitious with their short term weight goals.

Fad diets promise weight loss as high as one pound per day. Conservative nutrition plans encourage weight loss of two to three pounds a week. They are all too optimistic.

While losing over 130 pounds, I came to the conclusion that losing weight is not easy. It is very hard to lose a pound of fat and that accomplishment should not be taken lightly.

Weight Loss 101

You have to burn 3500 more calories than you eat/drink to lose one pound of fat. That is a lot of calories. To lose only two pounds a week, you must create a weekly 7000 calorie deficit. That is 1000 calories a day.

Weight loss experts think that a daily calorie deficit of 1000 is simple. All you have to do is eat 500 calories less than you normally eat and burn 500 calories more than you normally do. Simple right. For most of you that would equal one less meal a day plus an hour of strenuous exercise a day.

2 pounds a week is 2 much.

Trying to lose two pounds or more every week requires a large lifestyle change.

  • Large temporary lifestyle changes lead to fast temporary weight loss
  • Small permanent lifestyle changes lead to slow permanent weight loss

Most people go on a “diet” and are successful early. However, they eventually return to their old eating habits and they gain the weight back faster than they lost it.

Large lifestyle changes are hard to maintain long-term. Most people eventually return to their old habits. That is why 98% of American regain the weight they lose within 5 years.

One Pound a Week

The best way to see results is by adjusting your current lifestyle with small permanent changes. This will allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

Losing weight is very rewarding both mentally and physically, but it is not easy. There are no quick fixes. Aim for one pound of fat loss every week and do not be depressed if you fail, because dropping a pound of fat is hard. However, if you are successful, next week you will be One Pound Closer to your goals.

One Pound Closer Tip

With the One Pound Closer Tip I will give you tips to help you drop that hard to lose one pound a week.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Female Models Have Negative Effect On Men’s Body Image

September 5, 2017

A new study reveals surprising insights about the impact of media images of models on men. In three different studies, Jennifer Aubrey, assistant professor of communication in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri discovered that college age men were affected negatively by female images.

There have been many studies validating that media images of female models have had a negative impact on how women view their own bodies, but these latest studies show that this does not hold true for men.

According to Aubrey, men are not expected to be as attractive at their peers. They only need to be attractive enough to be sexually appealing to women.

The results are not all that surprising. Our culture tends to be more accepting of an overweight male than overweight females. We love the Fat Funny Guy, the Overweight Lover and the Cuddly Teddy Bear. However, images aside there is nothing funny or sexy about being overweight for either sex.

Risks of Obesity

Being overweight increases your risk of serious diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Arthritis
  • and so much more.


Men are often motivated to lose weight by the women in their lives (either the women they have or hope to get). So rather than beat up on ourselves about the power of female media image, let’s channel that motivation and leverage it in your weight loss efforts.

  • Enlist your wife, girlfriend, or female friend in your weight loss efforts. A support system is valuable in helping you reach your goals.
  • Take a healthy cooking class. Many hospitals offer free or low cost programs. Bonus: you’ll meet women and armed with your new cooking skills you can prepare a romantic low calorie dinner.
  • Hit the treadmill next to a woman. Rather than avoid good looking women, share their space. What woman doesn’t love a man glistening with sweat?
  • Can’t bear to throw out that bag of cookies? Tape a picture of a female model or celebrity on top of it. Let’s see how many cookies you can eat with a hot woman staring back at you?
  • Already hooked up? Keep a picture with you and pull it out when you need that boost of motivation.


While this advice is delivered tongue in cheek, keep in mind that the sexiest body is one that is healthy. Your goal is not a perfect body but a healthy body. Remember that the best way to get and keep a woman is to take care of your own health.

Start losing weight today without breaking the bank using Dr. Kal’s Don’t Go Broke Diet.

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**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Biggest Loser Couples – Week Six

September 4, 2017

The Biggest Loser is one of my guilty pleasures. Read what I think about the show here.

The Biggest Loser Couples Week Six

Another entertaining episode of the Biggest Loser Couples.


This episode started off with a temptation. All 11 contestants were placed in a booth individually. In the booth were (100) 26 calorie chocolates. Whoever ate the most chocolates had the right to replace on of their team members with one from the other group. A member on the blue team ate over 30 chocolates and won the temptation. He elected to keep the blue team the same.

I personally would not have eaten over 800 calories just to play the “game”. That’s over an hour of cardio and I really don’t like chocolates that much.

Stress Fracture

One of the members of the blue team was diagnosed with a stress fracture. They didn’t mention it in the episode, but I think this stress fracture could be the result of the hours of working out these contestants participate in.

Biggest Loser Prize

The biggest loser from last week won a visit from his brother. His brother was very surprised to see how much weight he had lost. He tried on his brother’s size 36 jeans and fit them. The first time he had worn size 36 jeans since high school.


Jillian recomends that her team drink more milk. Many of them had been under-eating. Milk has the best types of proteins (whey and casein) and calcium. Drinking skim milk can help you get healthy and lose weight.


The two teams battled in a cook off. The cook off was judged by a renowned chef. He was graded their multi-course meal based on taste and calorie count. The black team won because their total calorie count was over 400 calories less than the blue team’s.

Cooking Tips

The chef had two great recomendations:

  • Use crushed red peppers to help season your foods instead of salt
  • Use pink lentils instead of beans because of their high protein percentage

Weigh In

The black team won the weigh in. Their members lost between 7 and 13 pounds that week. The blue team members lost between 5 and 9 pounds. Then in a “back-stabbing” move, the blue team voted off Jackie.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

F.M.U. – Viagra – The Legal Performance Enhancing Drug

September 1, 2017

I wrote a blog post on Israel’s Fat Man Unleashed Blog.

The post is about erectile dysfunction and how to prevent it. Check out the post here.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**

Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Newsletter

The Biggest Loser Couples

August 25, 2017

I have a love – hate relationship with the television show: The Biggest Loser. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, The Biggest Loser is a competition where obese men and women compete to see who can lose the most weight.

I love watching it because:

  • I love competition – I am also a big fan of The Apprentice.
  • I love seeing people lose weight
  • The show encourages its viewers to lose weight and change their lives

I hate watching it because:

  • The show encourages fast weight loss
  • The show encourages too many hours of exercise

Even though I do not completely agree with the structure of the program, I still watch it. I’m a junkie.

Couples Edition

I just finished watching the season premiere of the latest rendition of the program: The Biggest Loser Couples. Thank goodness for Tivo because two hours with commercials would have been brutal.

Typically in The Biggest Loser, two large teams compete with one another. However in the Biggest Loser Couples, there are ten teams competing. Nine of the ten teams consist of two people who are relatives or best friends. One of the teams has two strangers in it.

The Competition

There were two challenges in this episode. Both were races.

The first race was a race up a steep hill. The winners were able to choose between the two personal trainers: Bob and Jillian.

The second race was a race around a course while pulling a large balloon. This race was unfair. The heavier teams had a weight advantage, so it was easier to pull the balloon.

The winners of the second race were given an extra two pounds to add to their weekly weight loss total. That was great. However, the last place team had two pounds subtracted from their weekly weight. I did not like this. I know it’s a competition, but I would have only subtracted the pounds if the team did not finish.

The Weigh In

In the end, teams were voted off based on how much weight they lost for the week. The team that was sent home was a sixty year old man and his thirty-one year old daughter who lost a total of twenty-six pounds in one week. ONE WEEK!!!!

The woman who was sent home was very distraught because she did not understand why she only lost seven pounds. She was comparing her weight loss to other contestants who lost up to twenty-nine pounds. I know most of the contestants’ weight loss was water weight, but twenty-nine pounds is too much weight to lose in one week.

My Opinion

What I liked:

  • The teams – it’s easier to lose weight with a partner
  • The visit to the hospital – the fear of sickness and death was one of my motivations to lose weight
  • The use of filtered water – bottled water cost too much and is a waste of plastic

What I did not like:

  • The lack of a transition time – not everyone is ready to be thrown into the fire
  • Exercise time – too much time was spent working out
  • Weight loss – they all probably lost water, fat, and muscle.

Another entertaining show, but please don’t try this at home. To lose weight slowly and permanently, purchase my Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan.

Large lifestyle changes lead to fast temporary weight loss. Small lifestyle changes lead to slow permanent weight loss.

Oprah Spotlights Childhood Obesity

August 20, 2017

I am so upset that I forgot to Tivo today’s episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was about childhood obesity. I was an overweight child and an obese teen. I am also a huge Oprah fan, so I really wanted to see this episode.

I didn’t see the episode, but I read this article from CalorieLab. Based on this article, I have some strong feelings about today’s guests.

  • Allowing your child to undergo weight loss surgery is insane. Why can’t parents simply take away their child’s money and only keep healthy foods in the house.
  • The thirteen year old and her parent(s) did not seem to learn anything. I’m all for eating anything you want in moderation. However, the fact that she refers to how much hamburger and the number of french fries her stomach can hold is disheartening.
  • I agree with Dr. Farmer. It is rare that obesity is the cause of any significant morbidity or mortality in children. Weight loss surgery should be a last resort. At only 13 years old, I’m sure her parents have not tried every weight loss method available.

I hope that these surgeries do not become first line therapy for parents who don’t want fat children because there are better and safer weight loss strategies. Overweight children should lose weight like Whitney. She lost 100 pounds in 1 year, which is less than 2 pounds a week. She did it by simply eating healthier foods and exercising. She also motivated her parents to improve their food selection, when they should have been motivating her.

This episode seemed interesting. I can’t wait to catch it on reruns.

**Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program.**